HoopStrength Basketball Academy offers a wide range of basketball programs to help both individuals and teams to take the next step in their basketball skill level. HoopStrenghth focuses on both physical and mental training throughout all of their sessions.

We also provide customized team training and consultation which gives their teams a distinct advantage in both practices and games.

HoopStrength utilizes customized training programs to help each individual athlete improve and realize their goals. We utilize video to give immediate feedback to assist athletes in seeing their own body movements and to make fast changes.



Customized training to improve basketball skills:

  • Pure Shooting – description
  • Offensive Skills – description
  • Overall Game – description
  • Position Specific – description

$100 per hour for each individual session
$90 per hour for minimum of 5 set sessions


Customized training to improve basketball skills.

2 athletes: $60 each per hour
3-4 athletes: $45 each per hour


HoopStrength also provides customized team training and consultation which gives their teams a distinct advantage in both practices and games. By offering the best customized training sessions for teams, athletes will improve both individually and as a cohesive unit. HoopStrength offers unique programs that assesses each team and provides unique feedback for the program.


  • Work with the coaching staff and offer tips, drills, and strategies to help the team become more successful and utilize their athletes more effectively.
  • Will meet to discuss goals of team before and after each session.

$75 per practice/game plus expenses


Customized team clinics that will work with coaches to improve individual and team skills.

$185 for 90 minutes


  • Open clinics for boys and girls to attend and improve skills.
  • Offers elite training for a wide range of skill sets.
  • Can organize a skill session for a whole school or community group.

90 minutes: $20 per athlete, minimum of $150 per session
3 hour clinics: $40 per athlete


  • Elite basketball training in a team setting
  • Competes against other clubs of similar skill sets to provide the best opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Spring season runs March – July
  • Fall season runs September – November

Spring season includes: t-shirt, 2 tournaments, 1 practice/week, 1 game/week.
Season runs March-July 2015
$500-700 per athlete.


HoopStrength can offer customized programs in a team setting. Coaches will have a unique opportunity to discuss goals and colloborate with the elite HoopStrength coaching staff to decide how the training sessions are run.